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Monday, March 26, 2012

Today's Headline: America Wins World War IV !

World War IV ?  What was WW III ?  Well, that was won in the 1990’s when Russia and the Eastern Block fell without any bullets or loss of American life.  They collapsed from the economic and military pressure of President Reagan that led them to bankruptcy and the prays of remnants behind the Iron Curtain and here in the states.  Our Founding Fathers knew they were given the calling by God to create and uphold the light of Freedom upon a hill for the world to long to know and experience.

Its exciting to see on TV and the internet, the Russian people passionately exercising and expressing their frustrations and praises without the fear of living in  the midst of great reprisals. They almost seem like Americans in their demonstrations.

Yet, American finally adopted our Constitution in 1789.  It because such a powerful beacon that during our first 146 years some Presidents tried to shirk our responsibility of spreading Freedom.  But during that time, 18 other nations including Britain were moved enough to declare Freedom and replicated the American formula from a calling of God that is still changing the world today.  

But what is WWIV ?  After the fall of Communism in Eastern Europe and the death of Mao tse Sung, wiser Party leaders saw the hand writing on the “Great Wall” and opened the door for Economic Freedom.  With an endless labor pool hungering for work at less than 10% the cost of the American worker, our companies, capital and technology has produced a booming economy in China  Today, China is very pregnant from the American Dream, our purchasing power and know how.  One Chinese Business tool me that in 2004, 60% of China Economy was based on American consumption.  The buying power of a nation of 300 hundred million people was reviving a nation of 1.5 Billion.

Chinese leaders also discovered from America, religious freedom is good and is trying to slowly emulate that process.  There is no turn back for China.  While Christianity is booming in its Atheistic Society, they realize they must curtain bribes, patent violations and knock offs to fully enter a world economy principally based on Judeo-Christian principles. So in just a few years, the China “Freedom Baby” will be full term and born in the midst of Political Freedom for their society.  The key leaders  knew once they gave economic freedom and partnered with American companies there would be no turning back. 

Communism must die.

So as WWIV is drawing to a close without air cart carriers, air to air missiles , shelling or loss of life through the normal war process, it brings new hope to the world for peace one day.

Yet, the next Chapter has just begun. WWV has started in the Middle East as God used America to shake up the  area and prepare for the final War to open the door for His Son’s return.  We are being set up by the The Master plan draw the world together by His plan and not ours.  Hold tight because there will be more pain, sacrifice, hope and change.

Written by John F. Beehner, Advisor to Entrepreneurs and author of “The Freedom Revolution... Rocking our World”

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