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Thursday, February 9, 2012

The Blood Sacrifice for Freedom by John Beehner

The ultimate sacrifice for any of us is giving our life for another.  Christ paid the price for all of us, giving us the Freedom from our sins for God’s deeper purpose in moving the world forward. 

Just as God moved on Pharaoh to “let my people go,” He has been hungering not for just individuals but nations to adopt Freedom to serve His greatest purpose.  America is the birthplace for democratic Freedom and has a destiny to share that vision and purpose with all nations of the world. 

The Middle East, Africa, Far East and European nations have seen our willingness to pay the ultimate sacrifice so other nations could live in Freedom.  We are the defenders of freedom.  Every Armed Service man and victim of 9/11  is a freedom fighter to change the world.

The Lord is tired of the Dictators, Communists and Religions that keep His people in slavery or bondage to minimize the gifts and talents of each individual.  Ultimately, he wants them to experience Freedom IN Christ.

Of 220 significant nations in the world 143 have chosen a form of freedom.  Even after the Iraq war, 19 more nations declared freedom and now there are 7 more in process including Egypt, Libya, Syria, and Tunsia.  More men and women are willing to shed their blood for Freedom, if not for themselves, then for those who come after them... just like our founding fathers did for us.

God principles apply to individuals, families, organizations and YES, Nations. 

China has declared Economic Freedom and now Religious Freedom.  Soon they will declare Political freedom for all their people because the flame is lit in their heart. They won’t be able to turn back.  The Chinese leaders saw the writing on the wall with the collapse of Communist Russia and the Eastern Block.  Mao was dead and Communism wasn’t working.  They were isolated and falling behind the rest of the world.

Japan and Germany, two of the greatest leaders and contributors to economic growth in our world, might never have been free and democratic without America’s leadership, compassion, and military through God’s intervention.  South Korea and North Korea are great polar examples.

Bottom Line, Christ is the blood sacrifice that inspires mankind to give their blood for the Freedoms He stretched out His arms on the cross to give us.  Are you exercising your rights through freedom and willing to give your sacrifice?

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