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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Deeply Free by Shauna Hall

Freedom.  That is an oceanic topic.  Deep and wide, multitudes of my thoughts pour forth concerning it.  I wanted to say something deep and profound about freedom, something radical and transforming, but I find the only thing I really have to say about anything is what is transforming my life currently.  That, for me' is thankfulness.  Being thankful has been making me free.  Deeply free.

I think this is what we are all often looking for and struggling to find.  We are threatened by anything that takes away or hinders our freedoms, real or perceived.  Jobs, commitments, children.  We want to keep our options open, keep our shoes laced, ready to run if something tries to block us in and take away the choices that we think enable us to do what we want, when we want. Even how we want.  But living with this mentality is what is keeping many of us locked up with discontent, and unthankful lack.   

Because I am coming to believe that the thing that brings the greatest freedom and fulfillment is embracing all these things.  All the things that are given to transform my character.  Trials, challenge, struggle, suffering, even the everydayness of life.  Freedom is not doing what I want, freedom is pouring myself out in and for the calling God has given me.  Freedom is commitment, with no turning back.  Until death do us part.  Freedom is fighting the good fight, finishing strong, no holding back, and letting go of what I think my hopes and dreams are and how to get them with my own ideas and plans.  Freedom is 6 children and all of my life laid down to serve and raise them with my beloved husband.   Freedom is the ability to forget myself and give to others not expecting in return.  Fulfillment is found in embracing all that Jesus has done and trusting His heart with all I had hoped for.   

The grass can seem greener, and the "if only's" that tempt and sway before our eyes give promise of something better, something we had hoped for, searched for and dreamed would be ours, only to be met with disappointment.  But they are the illusion and the reality is found in acceptance and embracing the life God has given us with thanksgiving.  There it is, that word again (my watchword for 2011) Thankfulness, thanksgiving, In all its simplicity, freedom is found in thankfulness regardless of what I think I want or how I wish things were.  Deeply thankful to the One who knew best, and gave it, whatever it may be.  

with grace and thankfulness, Shauna

Shauna lives in Northern, CA with her amazing husband Jeff and their  6 children, the latest of which just arrived.  She enjoys learning how to walk in thankfulness and humility while pursuing faithfulness in the calling she has as a wife, mother, and teacher.  She blogs her devotional thoughts and musings at Live His Word 

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  1. Shauna, I loved this! You have so much wisdom. May the Lord continue to bless you as you follow Him.