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Thursday, December 15, 2011

In 1776, those "Militant" Christians wanted Freedom

Can you imagine the headline news at the London Times and at the King George III’s Buckingham Palace which reads “Militant Colonists declare Freedom from Britain.”  I can hear the King saying to his troops “those colonist are so ungrateful and their demands for Freedom are outrageous.  Its those militant Christians who believe God gave them the rights of free will and that will make them happy...they are behind this !”

“We have governed them and given them our resources and financial aid, there is no way they can survive on their own without our intelligence and influence.  The Tea Party rebellion in Boston was an attack on Britain’s honor and the monarchy.   They have been fairly taxed to fund our military and diplomats to govern the colonies.  They are taxed less than the other countries of the British Empire.  They are ungrateful pigs and we will have to smash their revolution.”

Does this sound a little like Mubarak in Egypt when students flooded the streets, or Gadhafi in Libya or Bahar al-Assad in Syria.  “Those ungrateful militants after all we have done for them. We will smash them !  They  will never get Freedom...they are ignorant and stupid people.”

The Truth be known...You can not stop the Spirit of God and the passion he placed in every man and woman’s heart for Freedom. It’s about a move of God to bring all His purposes in the world to reality.  The Ultimate Freedom is IN Christ.

Freedom In Christ is about being free from Fear, Bondage and the Slavery of the enemy’s to false god’s, addictions and willingness to take risk using your God given talents and gifts.  God is working in Asia and now the Middle East by using the USA to shake up the area.  The common people see freedom at hand.  In Syria, the masses are saying as Patrick Henry did...”Give me Freedom or give me death.”

The difference in the Middle East is the Muslim leadership
can’t hold onto Sharia Law when people see the Grace of Christ through the underground churches.  As former Secretary of state, Condoleezza Rice said recently, “Freedom takes time to assimilate in any took time and even generations to see the real fruits of Freedom in the USA.”

I believe in the next decade, America and European countries will no longer be dependent on Middle East Oil. This will force them to enter the international community by manufacturing, exporting, technology and distribution, for example.  Economic freedom requires a competitive spirit of loving your customers and employees with good service.  It’s the Golden Rule in action.  Bribing is not sustainable and goes against the will of God..

Thank God for Ben Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, George Washington and the other Militant Christians who revolted to bring the world to fulfillment of the Lord’s destiny to change our world.

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