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Monday, December 5, 2011

Is the Middle East in Chaos, or Facing Labor Pains for Freedom?

It was Moses who first told Pharaoh that God commanded him to “let my people go.”   Here we are nearly 3000 years later and the people of Egypt are winning freedom from the same type of Dictator as Pharaoh, again.  Many of America's Founding Fathers identified with Moses and saw our land as the second promised land for gentiles.

In the heart and soul of every individual there is a small seed, longing to burst forward in the good soil that only freedom can supply.  God gave mankind the hungering seed for “free will” beginning with Adam and Eve.  Our founding fathers felt the calling, and were the first to break free of tyrants to change the course of mankind around the world. 

Like it or not, God can use both good and evil to get His way. No matter how much some Presidents have tried to ignore the cries for help by other nations to keep us out of World Wars, God has called this nation to be the evangelist and defender of freedom with our spirit and blood. 

Those who died at 9/11 are Freedom Fighters for the people of the Middle East, just as much as our troops in the midst of the battles.  God needed the USA to shake up the Middle East and give the people there a passion for Freedom.  It started with Iraq and now the saga continues in Afghanistan.  The Egyptian students saw how the USA took out the dictator and mass murderer Saddam Hussein.  With 24% unemployment they were angry and fed up. President Obama fueled the flame through his speech on Democracy in 2008.  No matter who gains power Freedom has begun.

The people of Libya proved their willingness to die for freedom.  The people of Syria will overcome through the burning passion placed in their heart by the Lord.  The people of Iran will also overcome their dictatorship in time.  Freedom is not stoppable when the Lord is birthing the seed.  There will be labor pains as America has experienced for 235 years.

Nearly 75% of the major nations of the world have declared Freedom through a form of Democracy.  As many Americans realize, Freedom is not really free but it allows for participation and ownership in the direction of a nation.  Of course, there will be more blood shed, tragedy and suffering as a Nation.   But as former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice says “Freedom is a process that takes time to evolve.”  In the final analysis it is a tool and the will of God to make a better world.  He wants the rule of Dictatorial  governments to be set aside so every individual, family, organization and Nation can be as He has called them to be by His Spirit.

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