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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Wake Up and Join the Harvest!

Tony Campollo, the well known author and evangelist reminded me recently of the Parable of the Weeds in Matthew 13.  Jesus tells the parable of the workers who planted wheat for their master in the fields.  But in the night, the evil one came and planted weeds among the wheat.  Upset the worker’s asked the Master, should we pull out the weeds?  The Master said no because it would disturb the growth of the wheat.  He said let it be and at the right time we will harvest the wheat and burn the weeds.

The wheat represents the good of God that we are led to do in this world.  But invariably Evil tries to mimic, deceive or create false treasures or gods for us to divert our mission. It seems that is what satan has tried to do throughout history.  Amazingly, God still allows it, waiting on the right harvest time for us and even nations.

Can you see this is the Middle East and other parts of the world ? Communism is a weed that’s being burned away.
China is walking away without blood shed. Over 75% of the major nations in the world have declared a form of Freedom.  The only remaining pockets of nations who have not declared freedom are in the Middle East and Africa. 

Its harvest time in nations of the world.  God can use the evil to draw us to His ways while growing the God seed of Freedom throughout the world.  He planted the good seed of passion for Freedom since Adam and Eve.  The Good seed is being harvested and overtaking the weeds of evil leaders.

Will there be battles ?  Of Course. Will the militants try to maintain control to serve the purposes of evil?  Yes. But God is changing the hearts of many Muslims with dreams of knowing Christ.

If He can change the heart of Pharaoh and stop a sinner named Saul, dead in his tracks and use him as one of the great disciples in the history of mankind, who is next on his list?

God fearing Americans, stop being so self absorbed and see where God is moving in the world. Join Him with your Sword of the Spirit he gave you in Ephesians as part of the Armor of God.  The word of God is sharper than a two edge sword.

God has been using American prayers, heart, muscle and influence ever since 1776 to break free of evil tyrants.  The Lord used us to develop the Model.  Freedom is never perfect where it’s first established in any nation... it evolves over time.

So doubters get out your Sword of the Spirit to bring in the Harvest and burn the weeds.   Pray for Egypt, Libya, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Iran and more..  Moses expected the Jews to pray for Moses to “let my people go.”  Get on your knees to maximize the Harvest.

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