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Friday, December 9, 2011

Militant Leaders Can't Hold Back Freedom

People say to me,  “OK, I can see nations with a passion for freedom as a move of God, but what about the militant Muslims who are trying to takeover the World ?”

Here is the principle: you can’t give people a taste of freedom and not expect them to not want it all.  Sharia Law works against freedom, its interpreted in many different ways and is hypocritical.  Less than 7% of Muslims are considered fundamentalist or what the media calls “militants.”  Even though their voice and hate may be the loudest, in time cooler heads with prevail as Christians pray for the leadership of each of these countries.

One of biggest the fears of Islamic leaders concerning freedom is losing the hold they maintain over women.  The dress and attitude of women will change and they will “get rights.” Once women receive some types of freedom you can’t hold them back from wanting more.  Freedom will open the door to understand more about Western Cultures, different dress and free expression.

Even as late as 1920 Women in the USA had to protest in the streets to get the right to vote and own property. Biblical Freedom is about Grace and Truth... the ways that God designed the world to exist, to grow and pursue happiness as individuals, families, organizations and nations. 

There are 5 Basic types of Freedom... Religious, Political, Economic, Freedom of Expression and Freedom in Christ.  God is drawing us away from bondage and fear and toward Freedom (both physical and mental) so we can maximize our gifts and talents and achieve our ultimate potential. 
As the Lord brings the world together, nations will no longer be able to be islands.  We are already interconnected economically, and as Economic Freedom strengthens in these countries we will do more business together.  Like it or not, we are a business partner with China.  Why not more countries in the middle east ?

Mau Tse-tung would roll over in his grave if he saw China taking on Economic Freedom and now Religious freedom as Christianity is booming in China.  They tried to kill the church for 50 years but it stayed alive all those years in the hearts of people underground.  Now its coming out in the open again and flourishing and political freedom will follow within the next decade.

I read a short newspaper clip about the death of Steve Jobs who quoted a young Syrian girl’s thoughts.  She knew his biological father was Syrian.  She said, “If Steve Jobs had been born with freedom here, Mc Intosh would have been invented in Syria and helped to change the world.”

What God ultimately wants is for His people to become all they are called to be.  Dictators, Communist and even Muslim-type cultures limit people from using their leadership abilities and becoming change agents for their world.  

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